High Altitude Airdrop Release System II (HAARS II) 

Wireless Activation Device (WAD) Version 2.3.

ATSC was awarded a sole source contract by Combat Capabilities Development Command –  Soldier Center (CCDC-SC) for the manufacture and delivery of the ATSC’s Wireless Activation Device (WAD) 2.3 with Programmer, and supporting ballistics data for operation in the 500-2,200lbs payload weight range. The WAD is a major component of the High-Altitude Airdrop Release System II (HAARS II) in that it serves as the primary means of deploying the main parachute system at the necessary altitude above the ground.  The WAD device monitors its descent during the high velocity stage of the drop via a barometer and, at the predetermined main deployment altitude, retracts a mechanical pin that deploys its main parachute system (s).  The HAARS II is a family of systems that provides the ability to perform high altitude aerial resupply in Electronic Warfare (EW) contested environments with moderate accuracy.  The family of systems is divided up by weight of supplies the systems support, specifically 500lbs, 2,000lbs, 10,000lbs and 30,000lbs.  All the systems utilize the same High-Altitude Low Opening (HALO) concept of operation where it descends rapidly under drogue for most of its flight time and then deploys a low velocity main parachute system prior to impacting the ground.  The high velocity drogue stage minimizes wind drift errors while low velocity main parachute reduces the system’s impact velocity, resulting in an increased accuracy and payload survivability while reducing exposure of air and ground personnel to threats. The WAD 2.3 has been precisely integrated to the rest of the HAARS II system.


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