• MBSS80 Trailer
    Mobile Border Surveillance System MBSS-80 Trailer
    In Production & Deployed in Theater with 12.5X Continuous Zoom with Autofocus, Precise Target Geo-Location, Rapid Update Rate Radar and 360 Degree Coverage
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  • Fast Missile Craft
    Integrated Logistics Support Fast Missile Craft
    ATSC is a proud Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) partner for the U.S. Navy/NAVSEA's Fast Missile Craft (FMC) Program.
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  • Nationwide Secure Network
    Secure Communications Nationwide Networks
    ATSC's secure network solutions enable users to send complex voice, video, and data over a single high speed network.
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  • Engine PowerPack Upgrade
    System Engineering Engine PowerPack
    ATSC’s Engine PowerPack Upgrade is a custom solution designed to improve performance, as well as reduce life-cycle maintenance costs.
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  • Cyber Security
    Cyber Security Information Assurance
    ATSC offers a number of products and services to meet all of your Information Assurance needs. ATSC's cyber security solutions are used to keep networks secure by clients around the world.
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  • Force Protection
    Force Protection Surveillance Systems
    ATSC has designed, procured and integrated large scale security, surveillance and intrusion detections systems for the U.S. Army on multiple continents across the globe.
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  • Logistics

    ATSC offers a full range of logistics services to meet the needs of

    all government, military, and commercial customers. Our expert logisticians and analysts will work with your organization from the start of your project to develop...

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  • Communications

    Communication is necessary for any mission’s success. ATSC’s solutions 

    provide this capability without the fear of losing contact at a critical moment in the mission. We offer a wide range of communications products and services...

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  • Force Protection

    At ATSC, we believe that protecting troops is the most critical mission

    This belief is the focus of every project we undertake. Our team of highly experienced engineers, analysts and logisticians understand the role critical assets…

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  • Cyber Security

    Rapid advances in technology and the world’s increasing reliance

    on digital information has created serious vulnerabilities for every organization. ATSC’s team of highly skilled engineers and IT professionals can help with analysis….

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About ATSC

Advanced Technology Systems Company (ATSC) is a U.S. Small Business Government Contractor,

registered with:
  • System for Award Management (SAM)
  • Office of Defense Trade Controls (DTC)
  • Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS)

ATSC core competences cover Military, Government and Commercial areas. ATSC is a multi-disciplined organization with experience and expertise covering a wide range of projects. On all programs, large or small, we apply stringent quality control procedures to ensure total customer satisfaction. More Information...



ATSC Latest News

  • AUG222023
    US Army awards ATSC second Delivery Order of the SSS ...

    After initial successful completion of Delivery Order #1 for the US Army’s Security Surveillance ...

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  • JUL232023
    Ft. Moore – UH-60 Maintenance Award To ATSC

    RSI, of Huntsville, AL wins small business set-aside re-compete for Ft. Moore UH-60 Maintenance ...

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  • APR132023
    Admiral Foggo Joins the ATSC Board of Advisors

    ATSC is honored to announce the appointment of Admiral (Ret.) James Foggo III to its Board of ...

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Who We Serve

ATSC is a trusted partner of the US Department of Defense (DoD), US Department of State (DoS), and numerous other US Government Agencies Learn More...