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Wednesday, 13 May, 2020

Egypt Border: ATSC Mobile Border Surveillance Systems Fielded and in Operation

Advanced Technology Systems Company (ATSC) has completed the production and delivery of over 45 Mobile Border Surveillance Systems (MBSS-80) to Egypt, six months ahead of schedule. The MBSS is a vital C4ISR program being overseen by the US Air Force that provides over 1500 kilometers of cutting-edge mobile border security technology in a highly demanding desert environment.

“I speak for all of my team at ATSC in saying that we are very proud to make such a profound contribution to the national security of Egypt and help to strengthen the US-Egyptian Alliance in the fight against terrorism”, said Habib Debs, Chairman and CEO. Our comprehensive Mobile Command Control Security Surveillance System has already been field tested in a challenging operational environment and has been demonstrated as extremely effective, reliable, and sustainable.”

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