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The ATSC iFIDS solution is a COTS, Field proven, turnkey, approach to ensuring complete operational control of distributed assets using buried fiber-optic cable. As a standalone solution, or integrated into a system-of-systems. iFIDS is capable of identifying and alerting operations of foot traffic, vehicle traffic, digging /tunneling, pack animals and gunfire. iFIDS uses the system's machine learning capability to identify and catalog new threats for the future inclusion on the alert screen. This system can be coupled with slew to cue EO/IR cameras, radars, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to verify and further track the potential threat. This 24/7 discrete approach to early threat identification reduces the requirement to constantly have "boots on the ground", informing and improving the operator Data-to-Decision making process.





ATSC Proprietary All-driven Technology

-Uses Machine Learning Algorithms

-Provides 60 miles of continuous, discrete surveillance per unit, with unlimited scalability

-Proudly Made in the USA

-Currently deployed and protecting our War Fighters and Allied countries around the world






"The low maintenance and high reliability of the iFIDS system allows for a dependable, low cost, early warning system that is tailor-able to most environments  and tactical situations."- Habib Debs, CEO & Chairman