VIC-2000 Armored Vehicle Intercom

The VIC-2000 Armored Vehicle Intercom System is a ruggedized vehicle intercom system designed for use in military, tactical and armored vehicles. The intercom system supports simultaneous transmit and receive of up to 4 crewmen. Versions of the intercom system have been successfully fielded by SOCOM since 1996. The entire system is designed to be rapidly deployable, simple to operate and work in harsh environments.

VIC-2000 supports 4 crew members  with a full duplex vehicle intercom and the ability to simultaneously monitor two radios or selectively transmit on either.

VIC-2000 is extremely simple to install, operate and maintain in the field. Only the controller is hard-mounted in a vehicle, ensuring that the VIC-2000 can be rapidly installed, removed or reconfigured. VIC-2000 minimizes sub assemblies that require separate installation. All audio, logic, power, radio interfaces, radio selection and intercom station interface circuitry is centrally housed within the small and lightweight Intercom Master Unit (IMU). Radio and intercom paths are isolated so that intercom transmissions are separated from radio transmissions. All radio transmissions are present in the audio path.

The SMT circuitry is mounted in a heavy gauge, aluminum housing with welded seams and all connectors feature gaskets. Each unit is supplied with mounting hardware based on user specifications and is constructed from heavy gauge aluminum. The light weight of the VIC-2000 permits industrial strength Velcro™ to be used for temporary installations.

The IMU is designed to operate under a wide range of conditions with minimal power requirements. The full load current drain is less than 0.5A @ 12V. Power requirement range for the intercom systems is +11 to +31V DC with spike protection to 600V. Power input reverse polarity protected and over current limited by a self healing fuse.

VIC-2000 is fully compatible with all common military headsets equipped with either dynamic or electret microphones including the Bose Triport tactical headset, Lowe, Selex and Gentex headsets.