Security Surveillance System (SSS) 


The Security Surveillance System (SSS) formerly known as the Tactical Security System (TSS) is an ACAT IV Program of Record managed by Product Manager Force Protection Systems (PM-FPS) within Project Manager Terrestrial Sensors (PM-TS). PM FPS provides installation and tactical Physical Security and Force Protection for the Army through Programs of Record and Quick Reaction Capabilities. Capabilities include CUAS. The SSS mission is to support short- and long-term security, surveillance and detection missions. These missions include but are not limited to: Theater Detention Facility (TDF) operations; perimeter security; internal security areas within base camps or installations; outside the perimeter, border or boundary, primary and high priority routes; route clearance; homeland security missions, and any named areas of interest (NAI).


The SSS is a modular, scalable, lightweight ground-based security and surveillance system with rapid deployment capabilities. SSS includes a variety of short- and long-range Electro-Optic (EO) and Infrared (IR) cameras along with radar and surface/sub-surface seismic detection systems to provide situation awareness to the commander through wireless and wired networking capabilities. Current set up times for a team of 6 are less than 1 hour to be operational.