Radio Bridge 2000

The RB-2000 delivers interoperability irrespective of your systems protocol, propagation method, talk group, wave band or cryptology. RB-2000 achieves immediate & significant benefits for critical strategic and tactical systems without laptops, software or broadband back-haul links.

The RB-2000 links incompatible voice communications systems irrespective of waveband, protocol or cryptology. In less than five minutes the battery powered A4 size RB-2000 bridge commercial and military land mobile radios and all types of telephony including VoIP. Integration Interoperability achieves additional benefits which are not always immediately apparent. Integration delivers simultaneity ensuring that the same message is heard by all users at the same time, eliminating manual relay issues. Users are empowered to implement change and resolve issues at the local level. RB-2000 provides a means to work around “system features” or restrictions on maximum talk group sizes or range limitations. RB-2000 empowers tactical users to restore failed back-haul network access via any available alternative.

Where reliable radio access is required deep inside buildings or tunnels, RB-2000 extends your network up to 300m into the obstacle. Network upgrades requiring interim or continuity solutions benefit from the ability to retain compatibility throughout. Post commissioning, RB-2000 provides a fallback for dead spots or crisis infill.

  • RB-2000 empowers planners to think outside of hard system limitations introducing fresh capability for both legacy and modern systems.

  • RB-2000 requires minimal user training, no laptops, generators, broadband back-haul connections, and thankfully no requirement for communicators to consider axle weights in deployment plans.

  • RB-2000 delivers uplifting capabilities in an affordable and elegantly simple little black box.