The MBSS-80 is a mobile/nomadic trailer platform providing a single operator within the trailer mounted environmentally controlled shelter command & control of radar and electro optic sensors positioned atop the 23m mast. Data and control of the system payload is actionable from additional MBSS systems via a high capacity line of site point to point/multipoint microwave radio system. The MBSS-80 is derived from the integration of best of breed proven military and commercial off the shelf technologies to achieve a rugged, reliable and versatile product capable of meeting and exceeding your system functional and performance requirements. The MBSS-80 is capable of stand-alone operations or as part of a secure multi-layered, hierarchical TCP/IP network.

System Highlights
• High Performance MIL-STD-810 tested Ground Surveillance Radar
• Long Range MIL-STD-810 tested EOIR Multisensor with Laser Range Finder and GPS
• Broadband microwave PTP/PMP communications
• Highly Rugged Mobile Mast Trailer with heavy duty suspension and military tires
• Modular high reliability hybrid power system
• Adaptable Payload power and signal interface unit
• Field proven Command and control software
• Environmentally controlled single operator workstation shelter