MBSS 3000 - Mobile Border Surveillance System

The basic MBSS 3000 systems consists of one or more remote operating sites (ROS) that are networked to a single or multiple command and control station (CCS). The mobile system will consist of one Ground Surveillance Radar, one integrated camera set with thermal and Day/Night visible view capabilities, one Breadcrumb mobile wireless communications device, and an integrated wireless command and control platform. The system is offered as either a vehicle-mounted option or trailer-mounted option. Data transmission to the command and control station can be via wireless, wired, or satellite network. Multiple radar sites can be networked to a single command and control station for wide-area surveillance.

Remote Operating Site (ROS)

The ROS is intended to be an autonomic, self-sufficient site that can be operated remotely for either hours or months at a time depending on operational requirements. The system is an open architecture design with standard COTS hardware and software combined with a state-of-the-art, high pulse compression ratio, ground surveillance radar which provides a high performance, highly accurate, reliable system to search, detect, acquire, track and classify targets in the course of performing the surveillance mission. Extremely mobile, the sites can quickly be repositioned. A series of ROSs can be placed along a border to provide continuous coverage via a mesh network back to a single CCS. The ROS does not require trained personnel to operate.

Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR)

The MBSS-3000 GSR provides state of the art techniques including multiple levels of security, network centric operation, resource sharing and the ability to interface with both legacy and new products. It is a field-proven design and supports both wired and wireless communications. The system is all weather and can be exposed to harsh field environment conditions, working to an intensified mission profile either day or night in any adverse weather conditions. It can be rapidly deployed (less than 5 minutes) and can be operated as a:

  • Man-portable unit
  • Vehicle mounted unit
  • Trailer mounted unit
  • Stationary fixed based operation
  • Integrated networked sensor

The GSR can be integrated with virtually any mobile surveillance vehicle.The radar allows target detection and classification during day, night, and limited visibility conditions.An associated electro-optical system optimizes radar detection and classification of targets. The distinct advantages of this system are:

  • Exceptional detection/classification capability
  • Flexible, Integrated, Real-Time Surveillance
  • Full life cycle maintenance support
  • Extensive FLIR and workstation interface experience
  • Surveillance systems with predicted systems reliability of over 2,000 hours
  • Modular design makes it easy to add additional modes, features and software upgrades
  • Antenna and receiver, transmitter design incorporates 100% solid-state proven technology

Over 900 ground surveillance radars have been sold to the following customers:


  • US Air Force
  • US DOE
  • US Customs and Border Patrol
  • NY/NJ Port Authority
  • Norwegian Army
  • Indian Army
  • Poland Military
  • UAE Military

For more information on the ATSC MBSS 3000 system, please contact our sales staff at sales@atscva.com.