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iFIDS- intelligent Fiber-Optic Intrusion Detection System



The ATSC iFIDS Solution is a COTS, field-proven, turnkey approach to ensure complete operational control of distributed assets using buried fiber-optic cable. As a standalone solution, or integrated into a system-of-systems, iFIDS is capable of identifying and alerting operators of foot traffic, vehicle traffic, digging/tunneling, pack animals and gunfire, iFIDS uses the system's machine learning capability of identify and catalog new threats for future inclusion on the alert screen
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MBSS-80 Mobile Border Surveillance System Trailer

The MBSS-80 is a mobile/nomadic trailer platform providing a single operator within the trailer mounted environmentally controlled shelter command & control of radar and electro optic sensors positioned atop the 23m mast. Data and control of the system payload is actionable from additional MBSS systems via a high capacity line of site point to point/multipoint microwave radio system. The MBSS-80 is derived from the integration of best of breed proven military and commercial off the shelf technologies to achieve a rugged, reliable and versatile product capable of meeting and exceeding your system functional and performance requirements. The MBSS-80 is capable of stand-alone operations or as part of a secure multi-layered, hierarchical TCP/IP network. Learn more...



MBSS - Mobile Border Surveillance System





MBSS-1300 - Mobile Border Surveillance System (Stand-alone Trailer)

ATSC has designed and assembled a Mobile Border Surveillance System that can be placed anywhere in the world to provide high-resolution video, infrared, and radar surveillance. The unit can be mounted on a vehicle or at an existing stationary site. It also comes as a quick-deploy man portable unit or mounted on a portable tower trailer that can be moved to any location and set up in just minutes. Multiple units automatically link to a centralized command station via their built-in mesh networking capabilities. Learn more...


Hybrid Power Generation Trailer

ATSC's Mobile Hybrid Power Generation (PGS) Trailer utilizes multiple power sources to provide operational continuity, while extending fuel supplies. The system is designed to operate silently in all conditions, and requires little maintenance. ATSC's PGS can be configured to fulfill almost any power requirement. The trailers off-road chassis is capable of being towed by both military and commercial vehicles in any terrain, and come equipped with ruggedized tires to can handle roughest conditions. Learn more...