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Monday, 02 January, 2017

Advanced Technology Systems Company (ATSC) Acquires STARA Technologies, Inc.

Habib Debs, Chairman and CEO of ATSC, is pleased to announce that Advanced Technology Systems Company recently acquired STARA Technologies, Inc.  STARA Technologies 70,000 sq/ft facility is located outside of Phoenix, Arizona.  STARA brings exceptional expertise in the areas of Research & Development, Engineering, Production, Systems Integration, and Manufacturing to ATSC.  They have served multiple DOD customers by providing innovative products in areas such as Aerial Delivery Systems (ADS), Persistent Ground Surveillance Towers (PGST), Persistent Ground Surveillance Systems (PGSS) and Common Ground Control Stations (CGSI).


"We are pleased to have STARA join the ATSC family as STARA Technologies Corporation.  The acquisition of STARA adds a breadth of technical knowledge and physical capital to the ATSC family and represents our dedication to providing customers with the greatest value and most comprehensive solutions to their problems."

Habib Debs

Chairman & CEO





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