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Sunday, 23 August, 2015

ATSC Announces Changes to Management Team

I am very pleased to make the following announcements today:

The appointment of Paul Debs as the new  President of ATSC . Paul has a proven ability to drive growth and deliver results while maintaining the highest degree of integrity and compassion to those he serves.   

As the Chairman and CEO I will continue a very active role in the Company and am excited for the future of the Company . This company sits on a solid foundation that I had the honor to create and I will remain focused and committed to the long term success of ATSC and the clients we serve.

I am also announcing  two additional changes to the management team:  

Rick Buckwalter as Senior Vice President, who during his tenure here has shown that he is masterful in being  strategically creative as well as a tactically focused leader.
Dave Carney as Vice President – Maritime Solutions,  who has a reputation in the industry in positioning the companies he serves in tapping new opportunities with stealthlike precision.

Please join me in congratulating each and every one of these gentleman in their new roles.


Habib Debs
Chairman and CEO

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