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Friday, 01 July, 2011

ATSC Wins $249,300,000 ID/IQ Contract for Product Manager-Force Protection Systems (PdM-FPS) Services Omnibus

Product Manager - Force Protection SystemsDepartment of Defense

Advanced Technology Systems Company (ATSC) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a $249,300,000 ID/IQ contract with DOD's Product Manager - Force Protection Systems (PdM-FPS) Services Omnibus. ATSC will provide services to PdM-FPS encompassing: Force Protection/Physical Security Equipment (FP/PSE); Integrated Base Defense; drawn-down efforts; efforts of other government agencies during all phases of the acquisition life cycle including pre-award, acquisition, production, deployment, and operations; and support for FP/PSE developmental and non-developmental programs and projects to ensure the process is fully integrated with respect to design, production, test and evaluation, fielding, operational, and logistic support.

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