Force Protection

At ATSC, we believe that protecting troops is the most critical of missions. This belief is the focus of every Force Protection project we undertake. Our team of highly experienced engineers, analysts and logisticians understand the role critical assets play in a mission's success and how to deliver them when lives are on the line. Whether we are designing and implementing a perimeter security system for a Forward Operating Base or providing tunnel detection equipment to troops overseas, ATSC's primary objective is to protect and support the Warfighter.

Security and Surveillance Solutions

No two missions are identical, but whether the objective is to secure a densely populated city or monitor an international border in an austere location, they all have one thing in common: the need for Situational Awareness.  At ATSC, we understand the importance of providing solutions that are both effective and reliable so that the security of critical assets is never compromised. Our team of experts analyzes the requirements of each client in order to provide them with solutions that are both effective and efficient. ATSC offers an array of solutions ranging from the procurement of individual sensors to the total design and installation of integrated border security systems.

Warfighter Support Services

To achieve mission success, a Warfighter must receive proper support. ATSC provides the essential services needed to support the Warfighter at each level of the support cycle. ATSC is the company Warfighters can rely on for all needs pertaining to training, requirements analysis, operational support, or anything in between. Our freedom rests in the hands of Warfighter and we owe it to them to provide vital support that is effective and timely.

Border and Maritime Surveillance

A nation’s sovereignty depends on the security of its borders, both land and sea. ATSC builds solutions that not only provide security and surveillance capabilities for a country’s borders but also enhance the effectiveness of the forces charged with defending them. We offer solutions for every aspect of border and maritime surveillance from threat analysis to the design and installation of Integrated Fixed Towers (IFT). ATSC’s systems can be designed to be stand-alone or to be integrated into an existing system. Our team of experts carefully analyzes every aspect of a project’s requirements in order to design a solution that provides the advanced situational awareness necessary for maximum border security.

Integrated Base Defense

When the US Army needed to secure its critical assets at sites in Afghanistan from the unconventional tactics of the enemy, they turned to ATSC. Our solutions for Integrated Base Defense have been proven effective and reliable around the world and continue to be regarded as industry leading by the United States and its Allies. We offer solutions that detect aerial, surface and sub-surface threats of all classes and in any environment. Our engineers are well versed in all aspects associated with the design, installation, and testing of IBD systems. ATSC’s unique understanding of the threats forces face allows us to select the equipment and components needed to create affordable systems that offer unparalleled reliability and detection.


ATSC’s C4ISR solutions are created using years of experience in each aspect of the field – Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. Over time threats evolve and the technology used defending against them must be able to as well. With this in mind, we have developed our systems to be both scalable and sustainable. ATSC’s team utilizes cutting edge technology to provide total situational awareness in near real-time to air, land, and sea forces. Our integrated solutions allow forces to share a Common Operational Picture (COP) and give commanders the ability to rapidly assess situations from across the world in order to quickly provide instructions.