Communication is necessary for any mission’s success. ATSC’s solutions provide this capability without the fear of losing contact at a critical moment in the mission. We offer a wide range of communications products and services to meet the needs of all of our customers.

ATSC's turnkey solutions are designed to meet specific needs of our customers.  Our highly trained team of engineers are able to seamlessly integrate new equipment and capabilities into existing networks or install a stand-alone secure network where one does not exist. ATSC's communications solutions are capable of uniting mixed and complex voice, video, and data into a single network. Our expert team specializes in the engineering, design, and installation of network infrastructure, as well as the follow-on support services needed to keep a network running with optimal performance.  Whatever your communication needs are, ATSC has your solution.

ATSC possesses specialized communications capabilities in the following disciplines:

  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Equipment Installation Testing and Commissioning
  • Integrated Communications Systems
  • Tactical/First Responder Networks
  • Land Mobile Radio
  • Radio Bridges/Gateways
  • Training