We Build Solutions

At ATSC, we prides ourselves on delivering affordable, effective, proven, and streamlined solutions that enable our clients to fully realize their mission capabilities. Whether we are working with a client to capture new requirements or designing a solution based on existing needs, ATSC commits to achieving project objectives and making mission success a reality. Our team of experts work with our clients to manage programs throughout all stages of planning, development, testing, and finalization. Our wide range of disciplines are backed by decades of knowledge and experience in the defense, government, and technology fields. This background enables us to not only provide industry leading solutions, but also connect your group to the proper resources necessary to complete the mission’s critical assignments.

Delivering Exceptional Solutions Domestically and Overseas

Domestic and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) are core competencies for ATSC and we pride ourselves on ensuring high quality, cost effective processes that enable the U.S. and its allies to meet mission requirements. We approach the challenges faced by all government departments and agencies, both domestic and global, with careful planning, strategic design, and effective management processes in order to provide solutions that are both effective and cost efficient. Though each project is unique, the foundation of ATSC’s solution is always built on years of experience and extensive knowledge of the subject.

ATSC Capabilities

ATSC’s strength lies in our knowledgeable staff who offer our clients a comprehensive set of quality services and solutions in the following disciplines.


ATSC offers a full range of logistics services to meet the needs of all government, military, and commercial customers. We offer the full spectrum of logistics support and will develop solutions for any project no matter how simple or complex.


Communication is necessary for any mission’s success. ATSC’s solutions provide this capability without the fear of losing contact at a critical moment in the mission. We offer a wide range of communications products and services to meet the needs of all of our customers.

Force Protection

At ATSC, we believe that protecting troops is the most critical mission. This belief is the focus of every Force Protection project we undertake. Our team of highly experienced engineers, analysts and logisticians understand the role critical assets play in a mission's success.

Cyber Security

ATSC’s team of highly skilled engineers and IT professionals can provide an in-depth assessment and analysis of the cyber security vulnerabilities that your organization faces and provide solutions that ensure your information is protected from both current and future threats.

Systems Integration

ATSC's capabilities in systems integration extend from simple solutions to the most complex in the fields of security surveillance, communications, wheeled and tracked vehicles, rotary wing aircraft, naval platforms, depot level workshops, and power generation systems.

Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

ATSC has over 20 years of experience with Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contracting. Our team of analysts, engineers, and logisticians have a proven record of managing every aspect of the complex US Government  FMS Program process from start to finish.

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